10 best Winter Cocktails


Creamy Bailey’s nightcaps, boozy hot chocolate, espresso martinis, with a twist.. warm up with one of our cocktails ideal for a cold winter night

1. Caramilk espresso martini

We’ve taken our obsession with Caramilk to a whole new level and paired it with an espresso martini, our fave cocktails. The chocolate mixture adds a wonderfully creamy and rich texture to this classic!

2. Amazing slow-cooker mulled wine

Let your slow-cooker prepare your winter drinks. Loaded with spices, it’s the perfect way to warm up on a chilly night.

3. Baileys Caramello cocktails

Dessert or drinks? You decide with this easy Irish Cream and ice-cream mash up cocktail. Loaded with caramel sauce and topped with caramello chocolate, it’s the sweetest way to end the party.

4. Apple crumble cocktail

Spiked with apple schnapps and drizzled with caramel sauce, this apple crumble cocktail proves winter isn’t that bad, after all.

5. Mixed berry cocktail with ginger syrup, mint and dark rum

Need an excuse for a cocktail? We got you covered with this antioxidant-packed treat.

6. Crème brûlée cocktail

This famous custard and caramel dessert has been turned into a cocktail, perfect for all your winter occasions. 

7. Choc-mint mudslide cocktail

Add a cool new twist to the classic creamy mudslide cocktail with mint liqueur and choc-mint ice-cream. It’s the perfect dessert-meets-drink idea to finish off your party menu.

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