23 cosy treats made for winter

From crumbles and cobblers to pies and puddings, these caricature- sticking goodies are just what you need to get through the chilly season.
1. Classic rhubarb and apple deteriorate
This will be a cate
you return to time and time again. Apple and rhubarb is as classic combination.

2. Sticky date pudding
With downtime just a many days down, a sticky date pudding seems like a timely idea!

3. Microwave oven choc- hazelnut tone- saucing pudding
fruity and succulent, this microwave oven pudding is a chocoholic’s delight!

4. Caramel pear cobbler
Beurre bosc pears work well in this cobbler as they soak up all the flavour of the sauce, while still retaining their shape.

5. Spiced apple cate scones
This seasoned apple cate is so easy to make and will warm you up on a cold winter’s night..

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